Adams Electronics



Adams products are made in the UK & USA only.


Adams Electronics is firmly positioned as market leader. The company is highly responsive to the varying needs of its customers by continuously formulating innovative new ideas and technology. This is reflected in the quality of its products and its unsurpassed customer service.


Adams Electronics was founded in 1965 by J.D Adams with the introduction of the original and truly portable hand held metal detector (model B100). From this beginning the company quickly expanded into archway ("walk-through"), ground search (anti-personnel Mine) metal detector products, explosives detectors and then on to produce conveyer and portable x-ray screening equipment.

Today, Adams Electronics is now dedicated to manufacturing the most comprehensive range of portable metal detector products available, with uncompromising standards for both performance and quality.
Adams Electronics current products range from, the now world renowned models AD10-2 and AD11-V hand held metal detectors, the innovative "MIT" - The worlds very first metal detector that is worn on the hand, to the highly sensitive models AD15 and AD2600S.
Adams are also now proud to announce the resounding success of their new model ER3000 hand held "DEEP TISSUE" metal detector. This detector has set yet another new benchmark for performance, reliability and build quality in the field of super high sensitivity metal detection. The ER3000 has been specifically designed for the detection of low metal content objects: cellular phones, improvised weapons and contraband concealed within the body cavities, below skin and bone tissue, with pin point accuracy.

With manufacturing facilities in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America, Adams Electronics products are in use extensively world-wide by Airports, Police Forces, Prisons, Military applications as well as precious metals refineries, microchip manufacturers and many more. Adams Electronics is also contracted to the U.S. Government to supply hand held metal detectors to state and federal prisons, nationwide.


With research, development and improvements continuously in progress, Adams Electronics security products have earned the kind of reputation that security professionals trust and therefore can be found in daily use in over 100 countries....and counting!