Adams Model AMR-11
Super High Sensitivity Hand Held Metal Detector

Adams Electronics is proud to announce an even further development in this particular field of super-high sensitivity sensor technology with the addition to our range of the NEW! Model AMR-11.

The main features of this brand new metal detector are the eleven finely tuned and individually programmable sensitivity settings that give the operator the ability to select the exact sensitivity setting required for the detection of a specifically sized metal target and the ability to pre-program the detector to the same exact sensitivity setting each time the detector is used even if used by multiple operators.

The AMR-11 also features the ability to digitally re-calibrate itself to compensate for any high amounts of environmental static metal that might be present during a search screening procedure, yet still being able to detect even the smallest amount of metal through skin and bone tissue with pin-point accuracy.

AMR-11 Specifications:

Dimensions: Length: 360mm (14.17"). Width (probe end): 105mm - Body 55mm (2.00") Height: 35mm (1.18")

Weight: 262grms (9.2oz) including battery.

Operating Temperatures: -20C (68F) to +65C (150F)

Dust and moisture protection: Conforms to IP64 (IEC 529)

Sensitivity: 11 position programmable sensitivity settings - detection capability target size (Nilec 602.02): very small target - small target - medium target - large sized target.

Operating Frequency: 20Khz

Humidity: 98%

Battery Life: Standard 9 Volt Alkaline MN1604): 600 hours. Optional Rechargeable NiMh: 80 Hours

Construction: Ultra rugged polycarbonate/nylon injection molded case construction.

Alarm Indicators: Simultaneous Audio Beeper/Visual high intensity Red LED.

Battery Low: High intensity Yellow LED illuminates when battery needs to be changed or charged

Battery Inserted Cartridge style (no wires)

Target Size Discrimination (at constant sweep): Short Alarm = small target - Long Alarm= large target

Controls: Power Switch: Red rocker switch: power On/Power Off - White push button momentary On/Off button

Tested and approved to EEC EN5008-1 Table 1. EN50082-1 Table 1:1.1 Radiated Emissions: Conforms to international standards: CE mark IEC, NILEC, FCC, FAA. Medically tested and approved

No risk to persons with pacemakers or pregnant Women. No interference to magnetic recorded material.

Warranty: 36 months Limited warranty