AX777 Ground Search Detector

Click HERE to download a detailed detector sensitivity chart in PDF format.

Powered by a single standard 9 Volt battery

Ultra high sensitivity to very small and large targets

Specifically designed for grid searches and scenes of crime applications

Audio/Visual and silent vibrating alarm

Ultra light weight construction (1kg or 35-oz) including battery

Simple to use. Press the "on" button and start searching



Polycarbonate, aluminum and ABS.
Ultra strong and light construction.

Probe dimensions:

Diameter: 21cm (8 inches)


91cm (36 inches) handle to floor (short mode)
142cm (56 inches) fully extended.


48.2oz - 1.5kg (including battery)


Fully adjustable sensitivity.
Target size better than 0.05 grams.

Operating Temp: -20C to +65C

Storage Temp: -30C to +80C

Humidity: 98%

Ingress Protection:


Power Source:

One standard 9 Volt alkaline (MN1604, 6LR61 or equivalent disposable or rechargeable block battery. Loaded "Cartridge style." Operation to "ON" mode by on/off rocker switch.

Power Consumption:

Standby Current: Nil

Active Mode Current (No Detection): Less than 1mA

Alarm Mode (Metal Detected): 6.5mA (audio/visual mode)

Battery Management:

Precision battery monitoring. Yellow L.E.D. indicator on main control panel signals low power. Continuous Red and Yellow LED indicate expired battery (in alarm mode).

Battery Life:

Battery life from 1 single 9-Volt battery up to 360 Hrs., continuous use in audio/visual mode. (Standard Alkaline) (100 Hrs. NiCad Rechargeable)
Please note: Vibration mode will run battery down faster than Audio/Visual mode).

Alarm Indication:

Alarm indicated in two modes with 2-way rocker switch
(a) Audio Visual (beeper and red LED)
(b) Vibration only (tactile vibration from the handle of the detector to the hand of operator. Detector only beeps when metal is present.

Detection Speed:

Ultra fast Detect Alarm and Reset ready for another target - 0.1 second

Size of target indication:

At constant sweep speed: short alarm = small target / long alarm = larger target


(a) On/Off rocker switch (green flashing LED indicates ON mode)
(b) Red LED indicates alarm mode.
(c) Yellow LED indicates battery power is low and need charging or recharging.
(d) Two way switch changing between A/V (audio/visual) and VIB (vibration mode).
(e) Miniature sensitivity adjustment knob.

Target Types:

Detects all metals including alloys, with instant response to all metals.


(a) Tested and approved to EEC EN5800-1 Table 1. EN50082-1 Table 1:1.1 Radiated emissions (CE marked).
(b) Conforms to international standards IEC, NILEC, FCC, and FAA.
(c) Medically tested - No risk to persons with pacemakers.
(d) Non-interference with magnetic recorded material.