Pat Down e-Gloves

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MIT - HF-1 Series Specifications

Construction: Neoprene - Velcro (HF1-Kevlar & Neoprene)

Dimensions: Medium or Large, standard generic size. (HF-1 Large, XL, XXL)

Weight: 5.2oz (149g) including battery.

Sensitivity: Target Size 0.5 grams.

Controls: Fully Automatic - (No Sensitivity Adjustment Required)

Operating Temperature: -20C to +65C

Storage Temperature: -30C to +80C

Humidity: 98%

Ingress Progression: IP64 (IEC 529) (Waterproofing & environmental protection)

Operating Time: Up to 3 months with normal use.
48 hours continuous at +25C (alkaline battery)
40 hours continuous at +25C (single rechargeable battery charge)

Battery: Standard 9 volt block battery, MN 1604, 6LR61 or equivalent alkaline disposable or rechargeable.

Tested and approved to EEC EN5008-1 Table 1. EN50082-1 Table 1:1.1 Radiated emissions ("CE" mark)
Medically tested and approved - No risk to persons with pacemakers.
Non-interference to magnetic recorded material.

When the battery is exhausted a continuous tactile alarm signal is produced.

Alarm indication by means of vibrating tactile indicator.

Detection speed: Ultra fast; 'Detect - Alarm - Reset' ready for another target - 0.1 second.

Pinpoint target accuracy from APT search head at the base of index finger, concealed inside water resistant neoprene fabric lining.

Mass proportion discrimination alarm indication:
At constant sweep speed: short digital pulse = small target
Long pulse = large target.

Battery inserted inside water resistant neoprene & Velcro pocket. No visible wires.
No false alarms.
Minimum pressure push button latching switch On/Off switch operation, inside water resistant neoprene fabric layer.
Instant response to all metals.